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This was a Fixed Point. He knew that. He didn’t have to read the history books, or even know anything about the events surrounding it, because he could literally feel it. The atmosphere was different at Fixed Points, like the unnerving tingling of static on skin during a lightning storm. The air itself became activated by Time, and everything in its vicinity stayed in constant motion with the single goal of keeping the Point on track. It could be temporarily overlooked in the heat of a moment, but a Time Lord would know it was there just as easily as anyone else could register whether or not the sun was up. The closer to the climax, the more stubborn Time became, and the more likely it was to aim sparks and shocks at anyone who dared to meddle.

He thought he’d get used to it by now. Wished he would. And on very rare occasions, he was, but only momentarily, only when he had to run on adrenalin to deal with the danger that was causing it in the first place. It never lasted. The pain never really went away, it just dulled a little bit as time went on and more piled on top of it. How involved he actually was or wasn’t didn’t seem to make much difference.

Fire and debris surround him, both outside and in. Pieces of spaceship and memories of friends. Parts of a habitat base and stories upon stories of those hopelessly lost. Planets and people, his and others—countless others—that he couldn’t save for one reason or another, all crammed inside his head, all screaming along with his own inner voice, until he couldn’t take it any longer.

Something is different this time. Something has changed. His eyes watch the flames as his mind begins to collapse in on itself, like a black hole, almost impossibly far beyond the point of no return.

“I’m not just a Time Lord. I’m the last of the Time Lords…
They’ll never come back, not now…
I’ve got the TARDIS. Same old life, last of the Time Lords…
Then they died and took it all with them…
The walls of reality closed, the worlds were sealed, gone forever…
The Time Lords kept their eye on everything, it’s gone now, all of it…
But they died, the Time Lords, all of them, they died!”

He has no hearts to be broken anymore. They’ve been broken one too many times, including right now. This will be the last time that he stands by helpless, watching as death and defeat come to claim their spoils yet again. No—this won’t actually be the last time, because he’s not going to let it finish. This Fixed Point isn’t over, nor is he done with it yet.

Honestly, he’s surprised with himself that it’s taken this long.

All those soulless decisions that never set well with him, the rules that never did anybody any good in the first place, and the cruelty that went along with the so-called policy of “observation” had nobody else left to uphold them. There was no one to govern the Laws of Time. There was also no one to care whether those Laws were upheld, changed, or completely thrown out the window. He was the default now.

“I’m the last of the Time Lords.”

The Doctor feels his skin zip with electricity that practically dances off of him, as he strides back to Bowie Base One. It creates a false force field around his mind, holding the Fixed Point at bay. He doesn’t realize it until it’s far too late.
He Has No Hearts to Be Broken Anymore
A simple study on what went through the Doctor's mind when the switch flipped, and he became Time Lord Victorious during "The Waters of Mars." Written for the WriteWorld Tumblr prompt: "He has no heart to be broken anymore."
Harold was a Time Lord.

At the moment, he was also a complete mess. His robes were torn and bloodied, his hair completely disheveled. The tall, proud collar from his uniform was ripped in half, barely recognizable. As far as the rest of his body, he didn’t appear to have a single scratch on him. He seemed far too small for the shoddy remnants of the clothes he was wearing. One could presume he was intoxicated by the way he stumbled after every third or fourth step, but it was more as if he simply hadn’t quite figured out how to make his own legs work properly.

Finally arriving at his home, Harold made half an attempt to collect himself, and then realized it probably wasn’t worth the effort. He raised his hand to activate the door, but was interrupted mid-gesture. A tall and very angular Time Lady with curly black hair and a stern face opened the door instead, clearly in shock at first.

“Who in the… NOOOO!!!

Harold winced like an animal about to be struck, bracing himself for the onslaught he knew was to come. The Time Lady hardened her gaze, fists flying to her hips.

“Oh, for Rassilon’s sake, Harold!! What was it this time, hmm? Tripped into a black hole? Pissed off a Dalek? Stepped outside your TARDIS’ shield? It’s like you’re just giving up all your regenerations for kicks! Next thing you know, you’ll be swallowing some asprin.” Her hands flew up into the air as she squawked, making exasperated gestures.

Harold rolled his eyes and sighed loudly. “Don’t give me any ideas,” he spat under his breath, crossing his arms and pouting.

“I knew I should have listened to my loom-mates at the Academy. ‘That Time Teen’s not worth a single microspan of yours,’ they said, ‘You could do so much better than that ruddy Cerulean,’ they said. But did I pay attention to them? No!”

“Sharon, please just shut up.”

“You’re only five thousand years old. You look absolutely ridiculous. Did you even try this time? Well no, of course you didn’t, that much is obvious.”

“I didn’t have enough time! I couldn’t control it this go-round,” he pleaded, desparately.

“Oh, so now we’re giving excuses? You’ve really changed this time, and it’s more than just your cursed face. I don’t think I even know you anymore!” Sharon threw up her hands again and stomped inside. Her husband reluctantly followed, much like a kicked puppy.

“Sharon, I got hit by a bloody bus, alright? I couldn’t concentrate!” He knew he wasn’t going to win this one, but he couldn’t just completely give up, not yet. This new regeneration was obviously going to be a real glutton for punishment.

"Well there’s no way you’re going back to the Council looking like that, you’ll be a complete laughing stock. I bet you haven’t even seen yourself yet, have you?” She strode off into another room. Harold blankly stared after her, wondering what he should be doing next, or whether he should even bother making any sort of plans at all. He examined a few pathetic bits of his robes. That would probably be her next angle of attack.

Sharon was back in front of him before he even realized it, holding up a small square mirror so close to his nose that he went cross-eyed for a moment. He grabbed at it with his new hands and missed. The second try was more successful, and he adjusted its position and angle so as to properly view his brand new face. He noticed Sharon smirking at him as he did so.

I can’t believe you’re bloody ginger.”
Harold and Sharon

This was inspired by a Tumblr post briefly speculating what might happen if one or both of a Time Lord couple were to regenerate while not in each others' presence.

...And poor Harold got hit by a bus.


Oh, the Sycorax leader's frightful
And it makes a Time Lord spiteful
So as Harriet Jones should know
That ain't snow, that ain't snow, that ain't snow!

If impossible girls go dropping
When there’s toothy snowmen hopping
And the Doctor fights an old foe
That ain't snow, that ain't snow, that ain't snow!

Now if you hear on Christmas night
That there’s aliens out in a swarm
You should probably just sit tight
Any welcome from them won’t be warm!

So if you see snowflakes flying
And the TARDIS you've been spying
Then there's something that you should know
That ain't snow, that ain't snow, that ain't snow!
It was in the middle of trying to sabotage some Sontarans that she saw it: the perfect gift for the Doctor.

The little shop Rose huddled inside was closed up for the Christmas holiday (she’d let herself inside courtesy of a borrowed sonic screwdriver). It was lavishly decorated for the season, and had obviously done fairly well. Many of the shelves and displays were empty, or very nearly so. What was left indicated the offerings were mainly non-perishable food items, like spiced sausages and imported cheeses. A passing car’s headlights reflected off one glass jar in particular sitting on a shelf across from Rose, briefly catching her attention. She glanced quickly out the window for the Sontarans, and crept over to read the label on the jar.

It couldn’t be an odder choice, but it was absolutely something the Doctor would love. Her face broke into a huge grin as she dug a few notes out of her wallet, and left them in place of the jar. She may not have trans-dimensional pockets like the Doctor, but this item was more than worth the trouble of trying to save in her coat.

The sound of heavy boots echoed down the street. Rose snuck over to the front door, easing it open as quietly as possible. She raised her slingshot, aimed, and all hell broke loose.


“And did you see the look on his face when we finally cornered him? HA!” The Doctor laughed as he and Rose strode back into the TARDIS, half supporting each other amid fits of laughter.

“I know! I never thought I’d see a potato so surprised!” Rose leaned on the console to catch her breath. Her face was bright pink, from a combination of exertion and coming in from the cold. She hugged herself in a half-hearted attempt to generate extra warmth, and let out a huge sigh.

“Some Christmas, eh?”

“Yeah, some Christmas. Aliens and all.” Rose beamed at the Doctor. Suddenly her eyebrows shot up on her face. “OH! That reminds me. I’ll be right back.”

Rose jogged off towards her room, leaving the Doctor to wonder what could possibly be so important that she had to take care of it before their usual post-adventure celebratory hug.


Rose tossed her coat on her bed, and briefly tapped a couple fingers to her lips. Darn… no wrapping paper. No gift bag. What to do, what to do… Ah, that might be interesting. She grabbed an old hoodie she hadn’t worn in what seemed like ages. But she knew one time she had worn it was shortly after the Doctor had regenerated, last Christmas. It was really on its way out, having been ripped across the back during a more recent escape from near-certain death. Rose wasn’t sure why she hadn’t thrown it out yet, but she knew the Doctor would recognize it—he was generally good at noticing details like that. She set to work on it with a pair of scissors, and after adding a brightly colored hair tie, she had the fabric wrapped around the jar quite nicely. It wouldn’t win any awards for aesthetics, but she thought it was creative, and certainly heartfelt. There was no question in her mind the Doctor would love it. As she stood up to leave, she briefly considered running to the TARDIS kitchen to grab a spoon to tie to the bow she’d made.

“What do you think?” Rose asked quietly to the room around her.

The reply came as a hum that she could best interpret as an amused laugh from the ship. “Nah, you’re right, he wouldn’t use it anyway.” She smiled and bounded out to the corridor, gift in hand.


The Doctor was pretending to be busy at the console, as he often did when he was actually just waiting for Rose. Of course, he noticed her immediately when she came back to the console room, completely failing to pull off an act of surprise.

Rose walked slowly into the room, hands behind her back, wearing a huge tongue-touched grin. “I got you a Christmas present.”

The Doctor sighed and dropped his hands to his sides, but kept his own big smile going.

“Oh Rose, you know you don’t have to do that.”

“Shame you weren’t there to stop me, then.”

She brought the small package out from behind her back, and held it up to him with both hands, as if she were presenting him with a peace offering of sorts. The Doctor hesitated, but clearly couldn’t hide his excitement. He knew that whatever in the universe it might be, he would love any gift from Rose Tyler. He took it from her and began to unwrap the tie off the top of it.

“Is this… Nooooo…. Oh Rose, this is BRILLIANT!! I love it!”

The Time Lord was bouncing on his toes like an excited child and practically hooting with delight. Rose couldn’t help but suppress a giggle at him. He dropped the cloth wrapping and tie on the console, and quickly opened the jar. He dipped his fingers in it, pulled out a dripping dollop of banana marmalade, and popped his fingers into his mouth, closing his eyes as he savored the treat.

Mmmpfhmmm. Oh, that is just amazing. Really, that’s the best. Rose, you’ve got to try this stuff. Banana marmalade! Seriously, you humans come up with the most amazing delicacies sometimes.”

Rose was grinning from ear to ear by this point, and laughing out loud. The Doctor picked up the cloth, briefly wiped his fingers on it, and scooped Rose up into a big hug. Rose swung her legs a little as she was lifted off the floor.

“Thank you. That really is the best gift I’ve gotten in a long time.”

“Merry Christmas, Doctor.”

“Merry Christmas, Rose.”
Impulse Purchase
This was written for ladysybil-crawley for the 2014 Doctor Who Secret Santa exchange on Tumblr. This is my first fluff story. Hope you enjoy it!


Heather Milne
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